2017 The RSM Classic – What to Watch FORE!

Pat Perez walks out of Mexico with his second career win.  Perez came back to the tour just recently after dealing with a difficult injury.  He’s one of the best-liked guys on tour and this win will give him a spot at Augusta National this year.  Congrats to Pat.

The Tournament

Sea Island, GA.  That’s where the tour calls home this week.  In reality, Sea Island, GA is where the field calls home.  Take a look at all these guys who play out of Sea Island.


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  This is the only PGA Tour sponsored Club Championship.  Now, that list is impressive, but look at everyone Georgia Tech is sending (There is overlap).


This tournament is just a bunch of guys trying to win some quick cash before they get back to their families for Thanksgiving.  They’re going to do less traveling next week than I am.  It’s crazy.

The RSM Classic is played on two courses; a par 70 and 72.

Kevin Kisner is defending champion.

My Pick

Last Week: T-50     Season Stats: Winner – 0, Top 10 – 1, Top 25 – 1, Top-50 – 1, MC – 0

Matt Kuchar

Aside from being a resident of Sea Island, I don’t have too much to go on for Kuch.  Last week, Rahm got a top-50 so I need to play it safe.  Kuchar is always good for a random top ten.  He’ll barely make the cut then fire two 65’s.

Some Stuff to Look For

  • Home Town Winner– Though the odds have been in the tournament’s favor, no player from Sea Island has ever won.  This year could be the first.
  • Captain Love– Love is making his first start since his victory in Wisconsin.  Love, a resident, hosts this event and will certainly be out enjoying himself.  Assistant Captain Jim Fyurk is also in the field this week.

Who is broadcasting the event this week?

Golf Channel.


What Bugged Me This Week?

Social Media People

Don’t complain on social media anymore.  If you’re upset about the outcome of the election, don’t blame those who voted differently than you.  Blame those who didn’t vote.  Blame yourself.  Voter turnout was undeniably low this year.

If your candidate won, don’t complain that people are protesting.  There’s a reason people are protesting.  The President-elect has placed a noted anti-semite in the highest office in the land.  Stop trying to defend that move.

Both sides have some crap to work on.  Talk to one another rather than trying to get over on the other.  Being a person is a lot easier than what you see on Facebook.


Good Song 

Generally this song will keep me from hitting something/somebody due to the above.

‘Til next week.  Tee it high and keep it dry.


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