2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational – What to Watch FORE!

Congratulations to Adam Hadwin on his first career PGA Tour win.  Hadwin has had a sneaky good season to start.  Everyone knows about his 59, but he’s been consistent throughout.  Adam is now ranked 4th in FedEx Cup points.  He’s made 9 cuts in 10 events and had 3 top 10’s.  Where Hadwin has made his money is on the greens.  Other statistics could render him mediocre, but he’s 3rd in Strokes gained putting.

It’s possible Hadwin’s performance to this point has gotten him on the radar for this year’s Presidents Cup team.  We’ll see.

The Tournament

Bayhill Club & Lodge will play host to the PGA Tour.  The field is one of the strongest full-field events we’ve seen up to this point in the season.  This fact has not stopped many from selling hot takes on how players don’t respect Arnold Palmer:


Lots of players are missing out on the event.  By last check, only 10 of the Top 25 players in the world are teeing it up.  Where people should be targeting their frustrations is the PGA Tour.  Upper echelon players have a grueling schedule throughout this month and next.  All players had to travel east for the Honda Classic, on to Mexico for a WGC event, fly back for Valspar and Arnold Palmer Invitational, then fly to Texas for another WGC Event.  All the while, players are preparing for Augusta.  There has to be some give for these guys.  Yes, Arnold Palmer is a huge reason for why players get to live the lives they do and this event is still considered a top-tier event, but the PGA Tour makes it nearly impossible for most.  The AP Invitational needs to take Honda’s place and give players a target coming off the West Coast Swing.

Our team has discussed a lot about Arnold Palmer , his legacy, and what he means to the game.  Palmer has done more for yourself and I than we’ll truly understand.  This week, I’ve noticed the following make the rounds on social media:

The video was typically presented with, “Grab some tissues”. This is an advertisement. It’s a poor advertisement.


This advertisement has to be one of the worst “tributes” I’ve ever seen.  Arnold Palmer is a man who grew a following for his ability to be kind and personable.  He made sure everyone he met left with a smile.  This commercial?  It happens to highlight the MasterCard staff repeating one line.  Ian Poulter is a proven dink.  He is a low-level twitter troll with a bankroll.  When thinking about The King, Ian Poulter doesn’t even enter the stratosphere.

If you as a person needed tissues, you’re a soulless consumer whose emotions are owned by corporate America and a press release. If you created this commercial, you need to look inside yourself.  Going through the motions when creating this commercial is obvious; The boxes were checked and the payments cashed.  Companies seeking advertising should see the result of what you’ve done and reject every pitch made on the spot; even without knowing your intended goal.  Phone calls ignored, meetings cancelled, etc.  You’ve taken what is meant to be a wide open layup and stopped at half court for a shot because it’s less legwork.  The results show.  This ad doesn’t honor shit.  Use stories people tell about Arnie, show more of the man who brought joy to peoples’ lives.  Don’t just tell people “Arnie would” and use it as a goddamn hashtag.  What a way to destroy a legacy.

MasterCard, good luck with your sales.

Bayhill Club & Lodge is 7,330 yards playing to a par 71.

The defending champion is Jason Day.

My Pick

Last Week: T-25   Season Stats: Winner – 1, Top 10 – 2, Top 25 – 3, Top-50 – 2, MC – 2

Rory McIlroy

He played really well in Mexico.  This course requires players who can move the ball.  Rory can move the ball.  McIlroy is the odd-on favorite.

****Sellstant Week Long Challenge****

With no Podcast in the near future, I asked the staff a sports radio question.  Who will win more money on tour this season?  Vijay Singh or Tiger Woods.  This will be a running tally. 



Tiger Woods: $0

Vijay Singh: $50,303 – MC at Valspar

Some Stuff to Look For

  • Water– I mentioned the need for players to move the ball.  Bayhill requires golfers to be able to take the long ball over a lot of water.  Not only does it require long tee shots, they cannot be offline.  Over 2,700 balls in the water since 2003.
  • Sam Saunders– Listen, I gotta mention it.  Saunders is Palmer’s grandson.  He’ll come up  lot on the broadcast and anything close to the top of the leaderboard will undoubtedly by exciting.  He’s only made 2 cuts this season.
  • 18 – 18 is a great finishing hole.  I typically like holes where players can make birdies.  This hole, players can make birdies, but they can also do a whole lot worse.  It can be won or lost on the last hole.

Who is broadcasting the event this week?

NBC.  Palmer founded Golf Channel.  Look for the guys to talk about this a lot.


What Bugged Me This Week?


Resumes need to be kept updated.  I hadn’t picked mine up in almost 2 years.  In an effort to make sure everything is in working order, I decided to make sure everything was right.  Resumes are so hard.  Making sure the formatting is correct, the spelling, the spacing.  Having to fit everything to 1 page?  Jesus, what I thought would take minutes took hours.

I’m never switching jobs.

Good Song 

Generally this song will keep me from hitting something/somebody due to the above.

‘Til next week.  Tee it high and keep it dry.


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