2017 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am – What to Watch FORE!

The story doesn’t seem to be changing.  Hideki Matsuyama wins yet another tournament.  In 6 PGA Tour sanctioned events, Matsuyama has 4 Top 10’s and 2 wins.  He’s the outright Fedex Cup leader with one less win than the player behind him.  Hideki is on fire, there’s no question.

I watched a lot of the coverage this weekend and enjoyed a good portion of it; I mean the actual golf they showed.  More on that to come.  Anyway, I follow twitter while watching too.  Tron at No Laying Up opened my mind to something big time:

This is absolutely true.  I love watching Hideki and seeing he’s played very well as of late is great.  He never is happy with his game though.  I’ve poked fun at his dropping clubs and the like, but it happens a lot.

If you watched him play this weekend and CBS didn’t show his score (they rarely showed every shot he’d hit on one hole), you’d have no idea he was sitting at the top of the leader board all week. Its insane how ho-hum his 68-66 weekend finish seemed.

The Tournament

Football is over and who doesn’t love celebrities?  I’m talking great celebrities like Wayne Gretzky (yeah!), George Lopez (yes!), Mark Walhberg (eh, bandwagon fan imho), Peyton Manning (no thanks), and Larry the Cable Guy (christ, they still let that guy in?).

Not only does the PGA Tour pair your favorite celebrities with great players to compete for charity, they let everyone play Pebble Beach!  It’s so exciting. You get to watch Kelly Kraft and Klay Walker face off against Peter Malnati and Joe Kernen in a modified Member-Guest while the other pros are out trying to make a pay check.

Of course, none of that will actually be exciting.  There are a number of great pros playing a great course this week, but somehow that always seems to get overshadowed.  It’s not a surprise how, but I’ll talk about it to greater lengths below.

The tournament is played at 3 total courses with the final round coming down to the Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Pebble Beach Golf Links is 6,816 yards playing to a par 72.

Vaughn Taylor is the defending champion.

My Pick

Last Week: MC     Season Stats: Winner – 0, Top 10 – 1, Top 25 – 1, Top-50 – 2, MC – 2

John Rahm

Rahm is a winner already this season.  I was surprised how short PBGL truly is.  6800 yards is short by PGA Tour standards.  If Rahm can putt like he did two weeks ago, I can see him overpowering the field.

****Sellstant Week Long Challenge****

With no Podcast in the near future, I asked the staff a sports radio question.  Who will win more money on tour this season?  Vijay Singh or Tiger Woods.  This will be a running tally. 



Tiger Woods: $0

Vijay Singh: $50,303

Some Stuff to Look For

  • Dustin Johnson– Johnson can play Pebble like we used to when we were playing Tiger Woods ’05.  He hits the ball so far, the course is easy.  Johnson has two past wins at this event so look for him to be a factor.
  • Spieth– Jordan Spieth plays this week as he’s sponsored by AT&T.  I’m only hoping he’ll play poorly because I’m cheering for AT&T to lose.
  • Courses – The courses being played this week don’t lack beauty.  Pebble costs something like $525 to play now.  With climate change, they’re all next to fall into the Pacific.  Enjoy the views while they last.

Who is broadcasting the event this week?



This event is built for CBS golf.  On Saturday and Sunday, look for Nick and Jim to simply “enjoy the show” as the celebrities take over.


CBS does not do a great job in their golf coverage.  In fact, CBS would rather show you a leaderboard than the leaders who make it up.  I’d be willing to bet this weekend we’ll get more coverage of Bill Murray talking to fans than we will PGA Tour Professionals hitting shots.

Last week, I kid you not, they showed Daniel Berger finish off a 4-footer for par, spent 30 seconds going through the leaderboard, and then showed the exact same putt!  They don’t respect their viewers.


What Bugged Me This Week?

Patriots fans who “didn’t doubt it for a second!”

You doubted it you dink.

Good Song 

Generally this song will keep me from hitting something/somebody due to the above.

‘Til next week.  Tee it high and keep it dry.


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