2017 OHL Classic – What to Watch FORE!

The election is over and there will be a new President 100 days from now.  It feels weird this time.  Everyone remembers the last time a President took office winning the electoral college, but coming up short on the popular vote.  This still feels odd though.

I had someone in my office today tell me they thought I was making a lot of nasty faces.  This surprised me.  I am undoubtedly uncomfortable with where my future is headed, but I didn’t think I was advertising that to the world.  There were a number of reasons I voted for the candidate I voted for and they were all as valid as the reasons others voted for their candidate.  I have specific items I hold dear.  My mind has been filled with what-ifs for something I cannot control moving forward.  I don’t like being unprepared for whats next and maybe this was the cause for those faces.

A lot of this could really just be a compounding of many little things.  I spoke with my Mom today who had just gotten out of a routine surgery two days ago.  I wanted to check in to see how things are.  She’s doing fine, there’s the pain they had planned for, but she expected it and is getting over it.  When we spoke today, we didn’t mention the election at all.  I know her opinions of the candidates and we both were on the same wavelength, but neither of us brought the results up.  It was odd.

When I finally gave up and went to bed last night, all I could think about were the reports about the market futures.  My retirement has been a huge focus for me.  I am constantly checking positions to ensure I can retire comfortably.  I also put away money for my upcoming wedding.  I went to bed last night worried about all of the money my fiance and I have worked hard to save and stashed in a money market fund for a better return.  It was the second night in a row that I’ve slept poorly; which is odd.  Like the interest I’m relying on for my future, all of these little pieces just compounded and made it hard for me to think clearly about the future.

The big thing about today though, is the future.  Love ’em or hate ’em the new President-elect will be in office January 20th.  As a country, we’ve got to give the guy a chance to succeed.  From his victory speech, to a lot of work he’s done connecting with leaders worldwide, we need to respect the fact he’s actually been Presidential today.  We have to expect he’ll be Presidential tomorrow and the day after.  As a country, we owe this to him, to one another, and to ourselves.  With all of that being said, we also need to be sure we’re pointing out flaws and injustices.  Remember, a majority of Americans voted for someone else to run this country.  If you’re one of the many people who feel things have to change, get out and volunteer for a cause.  If you can’t volunteer, donate to a group who can help protect the country everyone loves so dearly.  Surely, there are people on the fringe who we cannot agree with, but there are many more people who want to work towards a better future.  Everyone feels a little dogged after yesterday, but this is the best time for people to come together, support our future, and really take this country forward.  As of late, agreeing with someone feels odd, but its how one can forge the future.

My Pick

Last Week: T-15     Season Stats: Winner – 0, Top 10 – 1, Top 25 – 1, Top-50 – 0, MC – 0

Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm hits the golf ball a mile.  I was looking at stats a few weeks ago and he’s up their with DJ and Rory.  Rahm has been playing solid golf since he hit the tour last season.  Unlike his counterpart, Bryson DeChambeau, he’s proven to show staying power and find himself near the top of leaderboards.  With the field this week, I’m expecting big things.

Good Song 

2016 OHL Classic at Mayakoba – What to Watch FORE!

A big congratulations to Russell Knox on his first career win at the HSBC Champions last week.  The win was Knox’s first as a PGA Professional and certainly against the strongest field of the season.  Knox has been in the hunt at a number of events over the past year so it is good to see him finally break through.  The transition from Phil and Tiger is in full swing.

The Tournament

Hola!  The PGA Tour comes back to the Western Hemisphere and fly into Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  This event does not have the strong field fans got to see last week at the HSBC Champions.

The players who are traveling to Mexico get to live the good life for a week prior to Thanksgiving.  The course has a few different looks for players as they move through their round.  The course is part jungle, part mangrove, and part tropical beach.  There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the views and make big scores.

 El Camaleón Golf Club plays host this week.  The course is a par 71 and plays 6987 yards.

Charley Hoffman is the defending champ.


My Pick

Last Week: T-11               Season Stats: Winner – 0, Top 10 – 1, Top 25 – 1, Top-50 – 1, MC – 0

Charley Hoffman, FTW!

Charley Hoffman, FTW!

Charley Hoffman

I continue to pick players who win at courses.  I’m actually a big Charley Hoffman fan.  I don’t know what it is that’s kept him from winning more.  He’s one of those players you’d pick on Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Golf with even rankings across the board. Nothing out of the ordinary but a solid player. I think if Charley can get the putter going again this week, we’ll see another win.

Some Stuff to Look For

  • Young Guns – I mentioned it earlier.  We’re officially in transition.  We’ve had first-time winners in every event this young season.  Its not like these guys are going against a much weaker field.  The young players who have been playing are gaining the confidence it takes to win and be successful.  After years with none, it will be fun to see the personalities of these guys come out.
  • American-Born Players – This event, since its inception, has historically only been won by American players.  Have I just jinxed it or will we see another American win?  I guess you need to tune-in to find out.

Who is broadcasting the event this week?

Golf Channel will have the action again.  I made a mistake last week thinking they wouldn’t be showing the HSBC Champions.  My bad.

What Bugged Me This Week?


No, I’m lying.  Work doesn’t or hasn’t bothered me at all.  I’ve actually got the day off for Veteran’s Day which is an added perk.  I don’t have anything to complain about this week at all.  Which is rare.  I would like to thank the Veteran’s who have been giving me an opportunity to complain about the little things.  From iHeart Radio, to personalized license plates, I wouldn’t get the chance to bemoan readers with my opinions if this country was not protected only a daily basis.  Thanks to those who served and are serving to keep America safe.

Good Song 

Generally this song will keep me from hitting something/somebody due to the above.

‘Til next week.  Tee it high and keep it dry.

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