2017 Sony Open in Hawaii – What to Watch FORE!

It’s 2017 baby!  Since October, it’s been the same year in golf.  With another week, comes a new winner.  Congratulations to Justin Thomas on his 3rd career win and 2nd of the 2017 season.  So far, it’s Thomas’ year.  Whether you like it or not.

In all honesty, golf fans should be happy to see Thomas playing to his full potential.  Thomas is a young player with a great deal of talent; not unlike a lot of the players on tour.  What sets Justin apart is charisma.  You get to see emotion as he plots his way around a golf course.  You can see it even as he grew up.

I had that hair cut in ’97 too.  I think?

Thomas playing consistently well can make watching golf even more enjoyable.  I’ve said it all along, what golf needs is guys who are going to play consistently.  Someone who can make it fun to watch will help the game a great deal.

The Tournament


After the annual Tournament of Champions, players make their way to Waialae Country Club for the Sony Open.  Interestingly enough, Waialae CC is the only course with it’s own video game.  I haven’t done the necessary research to back that up, but I’m pretty sure its true.  My only other guess would be Pebble Beach.  I’d love to know how Waialae got the cash to have the game produced.  Either way, my claim stands until otherwise refuted.  That’s how the world works now.

The Sony marks the first full-field event of the calendar year.  The players are out there enjoying 80 degree weather while all of us are trudging through snow, sleet, and rain.  That’s the beauty of the PGA Tour, those guys don’t find bad weather until they play in The Open.

Golf Digest had an article discussing The Lodge of Four Seasons and their decision to introduce a pay-by-the-hour greens fee.  The plan is fantastic in theory.  Those who play quickly will spend less money than those who spend their time discussing the one putt they missed at a better course the week before.  Paying to play by the hour is exciting for golfers like myself who can finish a round quickly.  The biggest drawback is golfers can’t choose who they play golf behind.   Some Most groups are just naturally slow.  This can affect the wallets of many.  Affecting someone else’s wallet can result in trouble.  Maybe golf will turn into hockey.  A self-regulating sport where the players fight for their honor.

Or, maybe this trend will die a quick death.  In my opinion, this will work really well for weekday golf rounds and need some time for adoption into the weekend mindset.

Waialae Country Club is 7,060 yards playing to a par 70.

Fabian Gomez is the defending champion.

My Pick

Last Week: N/A     Season Stats: Winner – 0, Top 10 – 1, Top 25 – 1, Top-50 – 1, MC – 1

Hideki Matsuyama

Whoo!  Whoo! Come on ride the train.  The Bullet Train is on its way to the station.  Matsuyama finished 2nd for the 2nd time in his 2017 season.  Every other event?  He finished first.  Matsuyama ha been playing lights out and I’d be a fool to choose someone else.

Some Stuff to Look For

  • Spieth– Jordan hasn’t won yet this season.  Some people are probably dogging him for it.  Minus some big numbers in his first 3 rounds, Spieth probably would’ve won.
  • Walker– Jimmy Walker is 75-under at Waialae since ’11.  I mean, that’s good.  Can he pull it out with a shorter driver?

Who is broadcasting the event this week?

Golf Channel.

I will be home alone all weekend.  Having this event on during the prime time hours will be very helpful to keep me from being really bored.  Golf Channel did a great job last week showing golf.  Hopefully they’ll maintain that trend.


What Bugged Me This Week?

Morning Radio 

I complain about morning radio all of the time.  With a half-hour drive, its easy to complain.

After the new year, I heard the same lazy joke on a variety of different shows.  You’ve heard it before.

Female DJ -“You can tell the new year has come and gone.”

Male DJ -“Why do you say that?”

Female DJ -“The gym was busy yesterday and now, no one is there.”

Male DJ-“I stopped going too”

Both- “HAHAHA”

This joke is old and not funny.  Stop being people who happen to notice a decline in gym attendance.  You’re not there either.

Good Song 

Generally this song will keep me from hitting something/somebody due to the above.

‘Til next week.  Tee it high and keep it dry.


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