2017 WGC-Mexico Championship – What to Watch FORE!

Congratulations to Rickie Fowler on his 4th career PGA Tour win.  Fowler has undoubtedly won a number of big events.  My main criticism of Fowler doesn’t come with the way he dresses, though it is bad.  It comes with the fact he makes a lot more marketing dollars than golfing dollars.


What draws my ire is the misconception that Fowler truly is a top ten player.  Sure, Rickie has earned a whole lot of money, but how has he done it?  I’m honestly not sure.  It may be the ability to play more than other guys.  The flat-brimmed one has a scoring average of 68.496 this season (only 14 rounds); placing him in first place.  Over his career, he hasn’t finished better than 14 on that list (No average below 70).  In fact, in ’14 a season many would argue was his best, Fowler had the 30th best scoring average.

Fowler can put big numbers on his card.  The more events he plays, the more trouble he can get himself into.  This is a fact.  I tossed this into the social ether on Saturday:


Wouldn’t you know it, I was half right.  If Rickie can continue turning 77’s into 71’s, he’ll finally show the world he really deserves to be in the conversation with some of the best.

The Tournament

The PGA Tour passed up its opportunity to play Doral and has made the move to Mexico City.  It’s tough to say what exactly made an organization looking to grow around the world decide to move on from Trump Doral, but this could have something to do with it:

A lot of people think this is may have been a political statement made by a commissioner who was on his way out.  I think in reality, if any club owner came out and made similar comments, you would’ve seen the PGA Tour make a move.  It’s not the best look for an organization with a worldwide draw.

ANYWHO – Club de Golf Chapultepec is a venue that has been played by the TOUR before.  Winners include Ben Crenshaw and Jay Haas.

The most interesting thing about this golf course is its altitude.  Players very rarely have to deal with such thin air and there are some fascinating numbers coming from the practice rounds:


Justin Thomas dropped this humble brag on Monday.  He hits the ball a mile, but being 7500ft above sea level, he hits it over 350 in the air.

The WGC event will provide viewers with top-level players who won’t know how to deal with the issue of hitting it too far.  We’re going to get the chance to see players empty the tanks all week.  400 yard drives aren’t out of the question at all. Guys were hitting 210 yard 8-irons.

Club de Golf Chapultepec is 7,330 yards playing to a par 71.

There is no defending champion.

My Pick

Last Week: T-14   Season Stats: Winner – 1, Top 10 – 2, Top 25 – 2, Top-50 – 2, MC – 2

Hideki Matsuyama

Maybe you can hit the ball too far? I don’t know, but I like Hideki being able to deal with the changes and play well.  There hasn’t been much that’s slowed him down.

****Sellstant Week Long Challenge****

With no Podcast in the near future, I asked the staff a sports radio question.  Who will win more money on tour this season?  Vijay Singh or Tiger Woods.  This will be a running tally. 



Tiger Woods: $0

Vijay Singh: $50,303

Some Stuff to Look For

  • Rory McIlroy– Rory is back.  After what many feared was a back injury, Rory has healed his broken rib and will get back to it.  Its good for golf to have Rory in the hunt.  He’ll certainly be hitting some long tee shots.  Hopefully he’s actually coming back healthy.
  • World #1– DJ gets to make his debut as the World #1 this week.  He’s telling everyone he won’t hit driver much at all this week.  What a shame.

Who is broadcasting the event this week?

NBC.  A lot of people with Johnny Miller last week for giving Rickie a hard time about his ability to close out a tournament.  Well, Rickie won on Saturday and just needed to hit the ball forward.  He did it.

With the added length to players’ golf shots in Mexico, let’s watch for Dan Hicks to slobber over every tee shot.  He’s the guy who got stuck in your group and tells you about every great golf shot he’s seen hit.


What Bugged Me This Week?

Millennials telling Millennials why people dislike Millennials 

You can oft finding me reeling against those out to get to the bottom of us millennials.

From the start, this post is dripping with irony.  We have someone who’s decided to connect with older generations.  More specifically, older generations whom happen to have a Facebook account.


This is a woman telling millennials we aren’t contributing anything to society.  This is a woman, reading a piece of paper, parked alongside a highway, filming herself on a cellphone telling millennials they aren’t contributing to society.  This is a woman who is sitting in her car, preparing a post for Facebook, telling millennials they’re pretty much just existing.

Don’t fucking tell me whether or not I know basic manners like saying please and thank you.  The issue I take is that everything this woman is berating millennials with is crap she sees on Facebook.  Get out of your car, get off your phone, and go speak to a human being.

A few points; music has always demeaned women.  Listen to “Squeeze Box” by The Who or “Back Door Man” by Howlin’ Wolf (she’s most likely never heard either song).  Listen to a hair band!  These songs frame women as objects.  They were also created before millennials were born.

At :44 you see where the whole crux of the argument is built, millennials aren’t good Christian.  The reason people, not just millennials, people don’t support Tebow is very similar to what you see with Fowler.  The difference, Fowler has the abilities to be one of the best in the world.  Take religion out of the conversation and Tebow had more talent around him than he had himself, people deserve credit where credit is due.

“Millennials are lazy and just want money” is such a hacky argument.  Of course people want to make money.  This woman clearly has not read any pieces regarding what millennials earn or how they fair within the current economy.  Crippling student debt and the rise of housing costs aside; Only 51% of 30 year-olds earned more than their parents did at the same age in 2014.  In the 70’s that number was 92%.  Go read a fucking book; or, beyond a headline.

The next 20 seconds become more statements with no basis in fact – book ended with how millennials don’t respect their elders.

I could go on.  I want to kill myself listening to this on repeat.  Somehow this GODDAMN video has 18 million views.  The reason people hate millennials is because a woman like this is providing us “facts”.  “Facts” while parked on the side of the interstate.

Good Song 

Generally this song will keep me from hitting something/somebody due to the above.

‘Til next week.  Tee it high and keep it dry.


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